Into The Wild

“Anything, that was ever worth doing, was worth doing in the face of a little danger” . (Black sails)

Into The Wild

The movie begins with our hero, Christopher, graduating from college. He finished with almost all straight A’s, yet, he doesn’t feel complete, he feels that something is missing, a call for adventure.


One, at least once in his life, must stand and overcome a challenge, in order to truly know himself.

His college life was over, but his journey only began. He now faces a dilemma, whether to conform, go with the flow, continue studying, and get a comfortable job. Or, to be true to himself, and go on a journey to find his true self, through hardships and experience.

Our hero chooses freedom. He goes on a journey, which is split into stages that symbolize an alternate path that leads to adulthood. The school of real life experiences and what they teach us.

During his journey, he needs to overcome massive resistance, people that try to limit his freedom – it is almost as if normal society tries to castrate him, and restrict his freedom.

When he tried to cross the river, he was asked to wait for 12 years, because there’s a waiting list, to get a license to row a boat, or pay a large sum of money for something which should be free for all, a part of nature. How absurd is that?

The people he meets along the way, which are also free, roaming the wilderness, are much more sympathetic and accepting. It seems those people who are true to themselves simply become better people, in contrast to “normal” society which overtime developed a feeling of alienation towards each other, and lost it’s values of friendship and compassion.

In his journey, Chris meets a wide variety of individuals, which teach him important lessons about compassion and society as a whole.
Chris learns this important value, and when he was about to call his family, decides to give his last coin to an old stranger, who seemed to be in trouble, and in dire need of that call.

Through all the freedom, wild experiences, struggles and accomplishments, Chris discovers at the end of the movie, the most important lesson of all: Finding your true self, being true to yourself and experiencing the world is a worthy cause. But, true happiness is only truly there, when you share it. “Happiness is only real when shared”.


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