How to be an expert at solving problems

Problems are quite an interesting thing.

They seem to constitute our entire worry “database”.
We all seem to complain about how many “problems” we have.
Occasionally it may even become an amusing “who’s got the worse life” contest, which no one really wants to win.

But are problems actually the devil in disguise?
You might have heard the term “turn your problems into opportunities”, it may be a cliche, but as you will soon learn, that actually turns out to be quite true.


So, if problems are actually not such a bad thing, solving them must be quite a terrific idea.
Then, how do we solve problems? How can I become an Expert Problem Solver.

The most important skill you need to develop in order to enhance  your problem solving abilities, is your mindset.

But What does that mean exactly?

How can you develop a mindset that enables you to potentially solve every problem that comes your way?

Simple. It starts with a story.

Up till the year 1954, there was an invisible barrier. A barrier of the mind.

This barrier was called the “four minute barrier”, which practically meant that it is physically impossible for a human being to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

On 6 may 1954, Roger Bannister broke this barrier, running a mile in 3:59.4 minutes.

Two months later, John Landy and Bannister broke that barrier again (though Bannister still prevailed).

Since that day, many runners broke the 4 minute barrier, and the record now stands at 3:43:13, made by Hicham El Guerrouj.

Such a feat, as well as many others, proves to us that nothing is impossible.

Impossible is only a temporary state of mind.

We can achieve things that currently seem beyond our reach, things that are beyond our wildest imaginations.

But in order to do that, we must have faith in ourselves.

We must believe that there are no barriers but the ones that we’ve made up.

There is no glass ceiling, the sky is not the limit, THERE IS NO LIMIT.

When you approach a problem with that mentality, with a mindset that clearly states “Everything is possible”, you’re halfway through to solving ANY problem you come upon.

Now, there are many problem solving techniques which we will uncover in the future, but The most crucial part in solving ANY problem, is your mindset.

Everything Is Possible, have faith in yourself, BELIEVE in yourself, because no one will do it for you.

The world desperately needs strong individuals who have big dreams and great intentions. The world needs Dreamers who ACT upon their dreams.

So I urge you – Go, and make a difference in this world.

I believe in you, you MUST believe in yourself.


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