What you say MATTERS

I’ve just overheard a rather emotional conversation between a mom and her young sibling about the apparent breaking of a glass cup.

We all know that it sucks when stuff breaks, but the next sentence was rather intriguing. After the rather unfortunate incidence occurred, the mom said to her son “*Son’s name* you always break everything” – it’s translated. The exact meaning was roughly: “you destroy everything that comes into your hands”.

Now, obviously that was said because of an emotional situation.

But what are the implications?

Enter “Personal image” and the subconscious.

Up to the age of 6, your brain practically serves as a sponge – soaking in everything that is said/done to you or around you.

It serves the brain in order to conceptualize who you are, and how are you supposed to navigate the world successfully.

Problem is, it does not have any filters as to which information is utilized, and which information is utter BS.

So, when that boy reaches the age of 20, he might find himself asking: “Why do I keep failing at everything I do? I just don’t get it, it’s like I self-sabotage myself, maybe I’m just a failure”.

That boy is no failure. That boy has a self limiting belief which has defined who he was, and his subconscious self image from the age of 4 (the age of that seemingly “minor” incident.

Now, of course I’m a little exaggerating. Though it’s likely that such an occurrence wasn’t a one-time thing. It probably happened a few more times, which kept reinforcing that poor child’s negative self image.

I’m not blaming his parents. We are all human beings who make mistakes.

People require proper guidance, and if we don’t get that guidance on those crucial things in life, we sometimes make mistakes, which are, in the long run, quite significant.

Be careful with your words and your language. You may not be 6 years old, but everything you say, to yourself and to others, have a much greater effect than you might have previously imagined.

It was said in the bible: ״Hayim oo’maveth beyad halashon״ – which means “Life and death are in the hands of the tongue” – What you say MATTERS.

Make a conscious effort to observe your language, your inner dialogue and how you communicate with others. It will have a great impact on your life.


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