The “WHY”

The “WHY” is probably the most important term in self development and leading a successful fulfilling happy life.

We all experience bumps in the road. Times when we simply can’t take it anymore, when we ask ourselves: “Are all these things I’m doing even making a difference?, maybe I’m destined to be ‘X’ – (enter negative self talk)”

In such moments, you must remember the “WHY”.
That reason deep inside of you, that resonates in your entire being.
That thing that makes your face shine brightly, that helps you get up early in the morning even if you’ve barely slept.

Each and every one of us has a different “WHY”.
But it is essential that we find it, write it down and remember it.
So when we come upon another bump in the road, we can quickly remind ourselves of our true essence, of our “WHY”, and keep moving forward at full speed.


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