The Flow Of Life

The Flow Of Life.

Most of us are not very familiar with eastern philosophy, and would probably regard the term “flow” with a dismissing attitude, stating that it isn’t concrete, graspable, and maybe even utter BS.

I thought so myself, how can you flow in life without giving up on your hopes? your dreams? How can you push forward if the stream of life pushes you backwards or sideways?

And then it hit me. It happened when I realized for the millionth time that I’m not achieving my goals as quickly and as thoroughly as I might have wanted.

That caused me to feel inadequate, incompetent, and worst of all – it made me feel despair. I was about to give up, and in a sense, I DID.

I gave up on my current state of mind, that many of us hold – That in order to keep moving forward, we have to keep fighting, to keep life on our path – To control our destiny.

Truth is – Life is more simple than you think, though, you have much less control than you think.

Think about the following phrase I read one day, “When just do it isn’t the answer”. It was the title of an article talking about our psychological attributes as humans.

To sum it up – Some of us are “go getters” – you know these people, they hear about a new training regime and simply do it that same day at the gym. They hear about a recipe and simply get up and try it out.
They “simply do”.

Whereas on the other side of the spectrum, there are the “planners” – these people have to get everything organized, every tiny detail, before they get to work. Often, they get “paralysis by analysis” – they think so much of all the ingredients they need for the recipe, how to acquire the best ones etc.. that they never actually get to the actual cooking process.
Though, if you’d ask them to make a master plan to conquer the world, they’d probably do a much better job than the “go getters”.

Each and every one of us is on that spectrum, and with time and effort, we can cultivate the attributes of the “other side” of the spectrum.
But you see, these things developed early in your life, much earlier than the time you started asking why aren’t you one way or the other.

My point is, there are deep belief patterns that constitute who you are, and have nothing to do with how lazy or upbeat you might be.
Trying harder and harder to “fight” those belief patterns, simply doesn’t work.

A word of advice, if it’s too hard for you to just “drop” everything and let life happen, try to drop one thing at a time, feeling if it’s right for you, then continuing on your renewed path.

Hence, comes the term “Flow”.
The first step in making a difference in your life, achieving your goals and dreams, and living happily ever after, is to accept WHO YOU ARE.

But guess what? In order to accept who you are, you must know who in fact are you. That takes time, and deep introspection. But it’s a much needed introspection, because knowing who you are, is ESSENTIAL to achieving your dreams and reaching true happiness.

And the best way to do that introspection, is not what you might think (a dark room with candles and weird meditative tunes – or is that just me?).
It must be an active introspection.

Luckily, performing an active introspection is quite simple (though definitely not easy).

All you have to do, is set aside all those things you “have” to do, your negative-restrictive thought patterns, and just let life happen.

It’s probably the hardest thing you’ll do, but it’s going to be the smartest, most productive, most meaningful thing you’ll ever do (even if it seems counter intuitive).

The real magic will happen, when you’ll suddenly realize who you truly are, what are your gifts, and what are your flaws.
Then, you would be in a much better state, not only to achieve your dream goals, but also to achieve true happiness.


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