Just one more time

Like many of you, I have stumbled upon hardships in life. Circumstances, it seems, were not always on my side.

Yet, I have managed to accomplish quite a few things I previously thought were beyond my reach.

Once you accomplish some of your goals, you might take it for granted. You might think that your accomplishments don’t amount to much. You might consider your triumphs simply a part of life.

And then, another seemingly impossible goal comes up. You think to yourself – I don’t stand a chance, it’s way too difficult for me. My previous achievments are nothing compared to what I have to accomplish now. 

If you don’t give up, after a certain amount of time, be it a month, a year or even five whole years from now, you would suddenly realize that you have accomplished this seemingly impossible goal.

And then when another goal comes up, when you have to confront another worthy challenge, you need to remember. You’ve done it before. You made it through. 

Do not disregard your previous successeses, they count. As long as you never give up, as long as you will have the courage to take a stand just one more time, you will succeed. 


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