Feeling like crap? It might be for the best

We all tend to think that when bad shit happens, we’re screwed.
I mean, this really bad thing just happened. I just said it was “BAD”, how could it contribute to the general “GOOD” in my life.

Here’s how.

As you may well know, we’re living in a dualistic universe.
There is light, and there is the absence of light – which is darkness.
There is good, and there is the absence of good – evil.

But the cool thing is that, in order to experience good, we MUST experience evil.
Meaning – bad shit must happen, in order for you to feel good (when those bad things are gone).

Think of the following scenario – You’re having sex. Real good sex, amazing sex.
Now, imagine that you’re having this good amazing sex over, and over, and over, and over. For the rest of your apparently pretty amazing life.
(And we’re talking about sex – the thing you’re biologically supposed to like, even when you’ve done it more times than you can count).
What would happen? At some point, it’s going to be dull, boring.
You’re probably going to commit suicide, cause it’s as good as life gets (Just kidding, or am I?)

But then, you think of the following wonderful solution.
You’re going to induce a period of time, in which you DON’T have sex.
Even if you really really want to.

Guess what? It’s really fun again! But why is it fun again?
It’s fun again because you abstained from sex, you manufactured a “bad” scenario
Which resembled your times in high school as a horny teen, getting absolutely no lovin’ (or was it just me?)

Now, “luckily”, most of us don’t need to “manufacture” bad scenarios, because shit happens, a lot. but now, with this new found knowledge, you can appreciate it.
You can now embrace shit as your new friend.

Every challenge, every setback, every bad thing that will happen to you, from now on, will turn into a blessing.
Because you know, my friends, that hardships are your friends.
They enable you to enjoy the good things in life, and that’s what it’s all about.
Isn’t it?


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