There is no “Real” you

There is no such thing as a “real” you.

What makes me say that? Well…

What you perceive as your personality, your “self”, is actually a manifestation of your genetic heritage, your environment, and your beliefs.

That means, for example, that if you’re not a very friendly person, and talking to strangers seems weird/awkward, it’s not necessarily because “that’s who I am/I’m an introvert etc..”.
It might be that you were predisposed by your family not to trust strangers – “don’t talk to strangers” being a very dominant sentence that was soaked by your child brain and thereby turned into a “belief” that talking to strangers is something you should avoid.

It begs the question – who is the real “you”, is there even such a thing?

Yes, and No.

Yes – because you can’t change your genetic heritage (you can, though, change the expression of your genes – but that’ll be discussed in another post), and that means your genetic heritage is who you are. Being smarter than most, or a coward, or a risk taker, simply because your ancestors were.

However, everything else, outside of your gene pool, is within your control.
That means, that even if you were mentally conditioned from a young age to be cautious of strangers, you can still “reprogram” your mind to be a friendly person.
And if you consistently perform in accordance with your new perception of “you”, you will soon find out that the “real you” is suddenly different.
Heck, you suddenly become one of the friendliest bastards alive.

So, why don’t most people change?
I mean, if it is that simple, why don’t most people decide to be friendly, bold and courageous? Why aren’t we surrounded by super stars?

Well, because it isn’t that simple.
In order to form a new belief, you most consistently take deliberate action, which, guess what, does not feel natural. Not even one bit.

And what’s worse, if your current beliefs contradict the beliefs you want to form, you’re screwed. Because now, you must work double-time.
You need to get rid of your current belief – by consistent visualization.
And consistently take deliberate action, which will feel extremely un-natural, and you might second guess it – because it doesn’t feel like the “real you”.

So, what the heck are we supposed to do?

The first step is to understand, there is no “real you”.
You choose who you are, you choose who you want to become, you choose your destiny.

I won’t lie to you – some of you aren’t as luck as others genetics-wise, but that shouldn’t bring you down – On the contrary (read this post). It’s a hidden blessing.
You CAN overcome your “bad” genetics, you CAN overcome your shit habits.
You CAN lead an awesome life and become an amazing, remarkable person.

All you gotta do is fucking believe in yourself.
Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up.
And keep moving forward.

Choose your destiny, choose your life, become remarkable.
Everything is possible, Join the team, and start making shit happen!


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