Leading a virtuous life

How many times do we find ourselves performing below our standards?

How many times do we find ourselves swearing, complaining.. mistreating others for no valid reason?

It happens because today’s society has no emphasis on virtue.
Some societies do have an emphasis on virtue – Japan’s education system for example, puts an emphasis over moral education, even before “formal education”
(And they do just fine on the formal side – Oftentimes even more than fine, they excel).

So, it is our duty as men and women, to educate ourselves, and in due time our children to be virtuous human beings.

But what does it mean?
One could discuss this issue for days on end.
Yet I don’t intend for this post to be too comprehensive.
I simply want to provoke your interest, simply because leading a virtuous life
is a life-long journey of learning and applying what we learned in real life.

Leading a virtuous life, in my humble opinion, means caring about other people.
I tend to put a pretty significant emphasis on personal development, of living up to your dreams etc. Yet, it means nothing if your ego gets in the way.
Your achievements mean absolutely nothing if they contribute in no way to the general goodness of the world.

We all know that at the end of your life, none of your achievements will matter.
Your legacy though, will matter.

So, leading a virtuous life is about building a legacy.
It’s about leading an altruistic life, in which you exert your will and strength, in order to make this world a better place. Leaving this world just a little bit better than when you came into it.

Caring about other people is a pretty general term.
I can’t tell you how to put this term into actionable steps in your life.
Only you can.

However, I will give one of my own personal examples, which may give you a few ideas, and hopefully the inspiration to bring them into action.

I open each day (after drinking my lemon water and a few other health-oriented task) with the following statement: “What good shall I do this day?” – Benjamin Franklin was well known for asking himself this same question.

First of all, it puts you in perspective. You are important, taking care of yourself is crucial, yet you are not the only person on this planet. Each and every person lives his life, just like you, looking for happiness.

Second of all, it helps you to see opportunities to do good. When you have this thought in your mind, a world of opportunities to do good opens before you.
It suddenly comes into view, allowing you to actually take action on that intention.

Since I started doing that, I started noticing things.
And more importantly, I suddenly found it easier to take action on that intention.

I found myself helping people and doing good things each and every day, on auto-pilot. Without overthinking about it (like I used to weigh each and every decision of mine).

So, I hope this short article gave you a few ideas.

Hopefully it will inspire you to do a few good deeds yourself.
Making this world a better place, step by step.


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