Hit Bottom – if you ever want to hit Top

If you’ve even seen/read Fight Club, you probably know what I’m talking about.

If you didn’t, you should.

But for now, I’ll explain exactly what I mean here:

Hitting bottom, isn’t about being homeless in the streets of New York.
It could be, but it’s not necessarily the point.

The point of hitting bottom is to get to your core.
To lose your ego. To lose this self-made respect you have for yourself, and to start earning respect for yourself by doing, by experiencing.
By being a force of nature, by exhibiting boldness each and every day.

My personal story of personal development started in the wrong way.
I tried to develop myself, without even knowing who “myself” is.
If you want to climb the mountain, you must start from the bottom.
You must start from your core, otherwise you will not have the sufficient experience and toughness to overcome the obstacles you’ll meet in the way up.

So, how exactly do we hit bottom, the right way?

You start by letting go.
Let go of your Ego. Let go of who you think you are.
You need to become nobody. You need to create yourself from the beginning.

You need to surrender completely, in order to win, eventually.

It takes time and effort. You have to start doing things you never thought of doing.
You need to start challenging yourself in every way possible.
You need to make mistakes.

But those mistakes, will bring you to your inner truth. They will show you your unique path in life. Your true essence.

So, if you really want to get somewhere. If you really want to know who you are, where you’re going, and achieve something in life – You have to give up.
You have to give up your ego, your knowledge, your desire, and challenge yourself to things you never imagined before.

At first, it would be painful.
Later, it would be painful still. But with time, you will gain experience, you will gain mental toughness, and you will eventually gain the most important thing of all:

The freedom to be who you really are.

Once that happens, the world is yours my friend.


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