Fake it till you make it!

Being fake.

You consider it to be quite a bad quality, right?
I mean, fake people possess one of the worst qualities one can ever have. Not being truthful, not being honest.. simply being “FAKE”.

But what if I told you being fake could actually be a good thing?
Not only a good thing, but a GREAT thing – The thing that will change your life for the better, once you understand and implement it into your life.

If you’ve been reading my other posts, about your self-image, you see where this is going. There is no fixed “you”.
“You” are evolving and changing each and every day. You might have certain action and thought patterns, yet thanks to the plasticity of your brain, you can make permanent change in your life, for the better.

It starts with your faith. It starts with believing that you can be your best self.
That one day, you can be a champion, a person people look up to, a person who inspires others to live up to their potential.

It starts by telling yourself and others, that you are already there.
That you are already a virtuous person, that you are already confident, present, enthusiastic about life.
Then – you need to act it out. You need to “fake it till you make it”.
You need to act exactly like your best self would act.

At first, it might be quite difficult for you.
You might find yourself feeling as if you’re a “fake”, trying to play your new role in life. But let me tell you a little secret – Your environment and your genetic heritage made you who you are today. It’s your job to make a CHOICE about who you’re gonna be and what you’re gonna do.

The only “real” you, is the one you choose to be.
Choose to be your best self, “fake” being your best self, acting like your best self and living like your best self. Yes, you’re “faking” it. But it’s for good reasons.
It’s for The best reason – Being a better person with a more positive impact on the world around you.

With time, you won’t be faking it.
You would have altered your self-image and become your best self.
And when this happens, you simply up your standards and keep pushing forward in order to become an even better person.

Striving to be your best self is a journey,
And you know what they say – it’s the journey that matters 🙂
Make it an amazing one!


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