The Power Of Perseverance

The power of perseverance, or the art of going forward even when it’s as hard as fuck.

We all have goals. We all have dreams. But how many of us actually achieve what they set out to do? Not many you may say. I say – too few.

As a coach in heart, I find myself pondering the question – how many Einsteins did we miss? How many Edisons? How many Nietzsches?

And if we did miss quite a few of those, one must ask himself – why?

The answer is simple. Most people don’t follow things through to completion. Most people give up way too quickly. Most people simply don’t know the power of perseverance.

It’s hard to “never give up”. It’s a nice slogan, but after you’ve tried doing something for a while without any accomplishment.. It becomes quite a challenging phrase to follow.

So what do we do? Well.. You have exactly two options: Either you give up, and spend the rest of your life wondering “what if..”                       Or, you keep moving forward. Fighting ferociously, while saying to yourself: “it’s not over until I WIN“. 

When you think of it, there is only one rational answer. If you give up, your chances drop down to 0. If you keep pushing, your odds of prevailing grows each and every day.

Life is won not by talent, but by determination and perseverance.

So, now I can repeat the rather familiar quote: “Never give up” not because I said so, but because that’s the only rational option you’ve got.

Take the shot, keep pushing forward, you WILL make it.


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