I Did It My Way

I did it my way. It’s more than just an awesome song by Frank Sinatra.

It’s a statement. It’s a bold declaration that says: “I want to live life my way”. But what does that mean, living life “my” way? Is that even possible in today’s society?


From the dawn of mankind, we aspired to be a part of a group, a tribe.
A place where we could belong, feel connected.
And by all means, it’s not all bad. It’s actually quite good to be a part of a group, it lends you a strategic advantage, makes you feel whole, etc.

Problem is – it also constricts your moves, your thoughts, and ultimately – your destiny. As a part of a group, you need to “play by the rules”, so you can’t exactly be 100% “you”. Even when you think you’re acting uniquely, you’re most likely imitating your group with only a few “touches” of your true self.

So.. it begs the question – first of all – is it even possible to be unique?
But most of all – Is it actually a good thing?
Because, being truly unique usually separates you from your core group, you cease to “belong” to a group, making yourself some sort of an outcast.

However, the need to belong conflicts with the need to express our unique selves.

Personally, I like to belong to a group, but not at any cost.
I believe we can balance our unique expression of the “self” while still belonging to a group.

But how is that possible? isn’t it contradictory to the definition of a group?
No, it isn’t.

Meet – open minded groups. The only common denominator is that every member of the group acts in his/her unique way. A group of men and women who act in congruence with their true self, with their unique perception of the world.

A group without limitations, without rules, without boundaries.

I believe we can create such a group of open minded individuals, looking to express their true nature, and receive objective feedback from it’s peers.

We can each create such a group in our own circle of influence, ultimately creating an alternative belonging pattern, which in turn will make the world a much richer, diverse place.

I did it my way, I’m doing it my way.
I believe you can too.
I believe we can do it together, without prejudice, making this world a better place.

Be your own unique self, Everything Is Possible!


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