Congruence – Being your best self

“Be true to yourself” – How many times did we hear that quote being played around by people? Some say it has become a terrible cliche’.

What does being myself mean?
Humanity’s search for meaning can only be trumped by humanity’s search for it’s true identity. Each and every individual seeks to find him/herself, find their “true” nature, and be true to that “truth”.
All I hear is a lot of truths, but what of it?

That’s a philosophical debate for another post, but today, I want to speak to those of you who at least think they know themselves.
Those of you who seem to know themselves, but have a harder time actually living up to their standards, failing to actually behave as their best selves.

Meet – Congruence. Your new favorite word.
Congruence means, simply – being true to yourself. Your actions being consistent with your thoughts and beliefs.
When your thoughts and beliefs are not consistent with the actions you take – well.. You’ve lost it, and you’ve only just met.

So, in essence, congruence means being true to yourself.
But is that always enough?
In my opinion? – Hell no!

The problem is, simply put, you’re true self is sometimes a whiny bitch.
Sometimes your thoughts and beliefs prompt you to be lazy.
To eat that second, third, fourth dish.
To be less compassionate and more of a jerk.
Worst of all – your “true” self, might actually want to.. YIKES, give up on your dreams! And we can’t let that happen, can we?

So, how about a new-improved idea?
How about you aim at being your best self, aligning your “true” current self, with that image.
Imagine yourself – achieving your dreams, being an outstanding person, helping others, taking massive action and changing the world.
That’s your best self at work ladies and gentlemen.

So, my advice for you today is: Be congruent with your best self. Aim your thoughts, beliefs and actions to be consistent with your best self.
That way, you will not only be congruent (which is pretty good by itself),
you’ll also actually be a better person doing it.

Turning it into.. Mega Congruence. Or something like that.

So, what are you waiting for?
You have the entire world to change!
Start by taking the first step – being in congruence with your best self.


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