The power of good deeds

Ever thought about the power of good deeds?
I mean, the impact that one positive action you make has on the world.

Yesterday, I thought about it, after a relatively insignificant event happened.




It started a few weeks ago, when I lacked the equivalent of a quarter in the cash register, while buying groceries.

The Cashier said it was nothing, and that I could give her the change next time I buy at the grocery store.
Obviously, since it was such a small amount of money, she didn’t actually expect me to to ever repay that small favor.

However, 2 weeks later, I did.
She thanked me, although it was an obvious move to repay that “debt”.
And then while walking back home, I thought to myself: “heck, this one good deed done by the Cashier two weeks ago, started a chain reaction of good deeds:

Her – allowing me to give her back the change next time, caused both her and me to feel good – her for doing a nice thing, and me for not having to go back to my house to fetch the extra change.

Me, paying the “debt”, making both her and me happy – “paying the debt” made me feel good, getting the money back, made her feel good.

If my writing was articulate enough, you can easily count 4 good deeds, caused by one of generosity.

How awesome is that?

People also tend to be extremely thankful for such small acts – giving someone his money back when he doesn’t expect it.

I actually had another occurrence like that – a few weeks ago when I filled gas and the man there suggested I put extra coolant – I didn’t have enough money, so he said the extra dollar missing was on him, and that I can give it back sometime in the future.

Obviously, he didn’t expect to get his dollar back. But guess what!
I gave it back to him about 2 weeks later when I came to fill gas again, and he was so thankful and happy – And I was simply thinking, such a trivial act, not even a kind one – probably helped restore this man’s faith in humanity.

Now, let’s take this math further:
If 1 good deed causes a chain reaction that turns into 4 good deeds,
How much effect does it have on those 2 individuals who exchanged good deeds?

Let’s say each person is now happier, and has 10 friends.
His good vibes now effect 10 other people, making it 20 people for 2 individuals exchanging good deeds.

Each person knows 10 other people – we’re in 200 people affected.
And if each of those people does 1 good deed, we’re at 200 good deeds, which equals 400 good deeds.

Obviously, I didn’t continue the chain, because those 200 people, probably each know at least 10 different individuals, making it 2000 people affected by that one good deed that was done between 2 individuals!

And it goes on and on.
Obviously, that’s not necessarily correct, because it is likely that those people have mutual friends, but the point remains strong!

Your good deeds have an immense impact on the world!

Do good, each and every day, and you will practically make this world, a better place!


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