Question Everything – Part 2

So, after we’ve discussed a few things worth questioning, we approach our next subject – Choices in life.

We all need to make choices – in fact, we don’t even seem to notice all the choices we make throughout our life.

Some choices have a bigger impact on our lives – Our profession in life, whether to get a degree, and if so – which one?

For now – Let’s focus on big life decisions – as opposed to seemingly big life decisions.

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Question Everything – Part 1

Ever thought about the things you take for granted?

I don’t mean the touchy-feely variety like “you should be grateful for all the happiness that you have in life”, I mean more like your world view.

Things like religion, the meaning of life, government, consumerism etc.
“Fight Club” kinda things.

If you didn’t get my point yet, read on. It might make a BIG difference in your world view. Hopefully, it would make you think different, and actually take action on your new found beliefs.

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