Question Everything – Part 1

Ever thought about the things you take for granted?

I don’t mean the touchy-feely variety like “you should be grateful for all the happiness that you have in life”, I mean more like your world view.

Things like religion, the meaning of life, government, consumerism etc.
“Fight Club” kinda things.

If you didn’t get my point yet, read on. It might make a BIG difference in your world view. Hopefully, it would make you think different, and actually take action on your new found beliefs.



So, ever thought about why you d0 the things you do?
Let’s try to dissect it, from the moment you get up in the morning.

Why do you get up?
Is it because your alarm clock? Are you responding to your alarm clock simply because your mind is wired to respond to loud noises?
Or is it for another reason? – You have to get to work, get your kids ready.. etc.

So you get up, because of your alarm clock, because you have a job, or simply because you slept sufficiently and your body simply snapped out of sleep.

Now what? Presumably, you get out of bed. But you could also stay in bed.
What makes you “get out of bed”, truthfully, not as a cliche?
Are you “excited” to meet the new day? To see your loved one laying next to you? To see your children’s faces when you wake them up in the morning, yearning for just another 5 minutes?

Why? No one seems to ask “why” anymore, at least not about those seemingly unimportant, yet so astoundingly crucial facts of life.

I could go further and ask, why should we even ask why?
7 billion people live on this planet. I certainly can’t vouch for all of them, but I can guarantee that at least 99% of them, are not asking “why”.
They simply do.

Now, obviously, the title of this post could be misleading.
I’m not necessarily saying you have to question everything, I’m simply saying, you should consider those things you do on auto-pilot.

The thing is, when we don’t ask “why” about the ordinary, mundane questions of life, we often neglect the more crucial questions of life – Why are we here? Why am I living where I’m living? Is our way of ruling people justified by sound logic?  (Democracy in most western countries, socialism-communism in others, monarchy in some, etc.)

So many other questions we don’t ask – Do I really want children? Or is it just because it’s the “acceptable” thing to do in my society?
We don’t question, we don’t ask, we follow the herd into wherever the herd is going, hoping that our invisible shepherd would lead us to the promised land.

Thing is, before we enter this herd of adults living their mundane lives, we get a glimpse of the herd from the outside.
Moreover, we can always stop our marching, head over to the sidelines and watch as the herd is being led, somewhere.

In such moments, it seems that all those grown up “sheep” aren’t really content. Sometimes even far from it, they’re often miserable. Yet, they keep on marching, until they stop.
No one knows what happens when the marching stops, though we all have our own hypothesis.

However, since we simply can’t tell whether our hypothesis is the right one, we must make a choice. Are we going to march with the herd, hoping that at the end of the road, we will find what we’re looking for.

Or, are we going to start asking questions. Return to our “youth”, at least in our spirits, and start living our way.

Because, you see.. we are all different. We seem to be alike, but each and every one of us is a unique human being. What makes me happy, doesn’t necessarily make you happy. So, quite frankly, it would be absurd to claim anyone knows the path to happiness, simply because they are infinite and diverse.

However, one can definitely know his path to happiness. But in order to walk that path, one has to be true to himself. One has to question everything he does. One has to go to the sidelines, and watch the sheep as they are walking in that “one” path designed by the involuntary decisions of society. Then, that one has to make a choice. Is he/she going to walk that same path as everybody else?

Or, is he/she going to find his/her own unique path, and boldly take action on his/her new found beliefs.

The choice, as always, is yours.

In the next few blog posts we will cover some widely accepted “truths” that might prove to be not so true after all.


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