Question Everything – Part 2

So, after we’ve discussed a few things worth questioning, we approach our next subject – Choices in life.

We all need to make choices – in fact, we don’t even seem to notice all the choices we make throughout our life.

Some choices have a bigger impact on our lives – Our profession in life, whether to get a degree, and if so – which one?

For now – Let’s focus on big life decisions – as opposed to seemingly big life decisions.



Some people may tell you, that the most important decision you’d make in your life, would be your profession. What you choose to study, and eventually work in, would determine what you’re going to do in that period we like to refer to as “the rest of your life”.
It seems like a pretty big deal. However, we constantly hear about middle aged people that decide to take on a new profession, sometimes something which is totally different from their current occupation.

So, one has to ask – does it really matter? Does my success depend solely on the decision I had to make in my teens, or early 20’s?

Yes, and No.
Yes – It makes a difference. Time is time, and your decision, whether you’d like it or not in a few years, makes a difference in how you’re life is going to unfold.

No – Because shit happens, and whatever decision you might make, as good as it may seem at the time, might prove out to be wrong.
Also, you might get hit by a car, have a near death experience, and come back to life with a new gospel, or not.

My point is, even those objectively big life decisions, matter as much as everything else, because in the aftermath, nothing “really” matters.

So, does that mean we should give up and spend our lives smoking weed?
No, because weed is pretty expensive, and you wouldn’t have any money.
I’m just kidding (though do whatever you like, I’m all for free thinking).

But it does mean that you should take it easy.
By all means, make the best decision possible, but remember that shit happens, and good shit also happens, and things simply tend to change.

And, what about seemingly big life decisions?
I mean decisions like asking a girl out, going on a roller coaster when you’re really afraid of heights etc.

Are these objectively big decisions? Heck no.
But it sure feels like it.

Here the questioning phase is less philosophical.
After gaining perspective from “objectively” big decisions, we suddenly realize that a simple question needs to be asked – What’s the worst that could happen?

Seriously, it might be easier for some people to get into Med school than asking a girl out, but when you question the consequences, it suddenly appears so simple.

Ask that girl out you fool.
The worst that could happen, is you get a no and you’ve wasted a minute of your life. The best that could happen is well.. pretty good.

Same thing for roller coasters, taking a legendary road trip in a far away land, climbing Mount Everest (No wait, that’s actually pretty dangerous) and so on.

Question your feelings – some may be justified, but some, simply have no intelligent reason behind them. Those are the things that you CAN easily do, without giving too much thought to the consequences, there aren’t any.

So, as always – question how you feel, question common wisdom about the fatality of decisions such as academic studies and the profession you choose (but, by all means, think well, because it is important).

And live your life. Because, after all, you’re here reading this,
so you’re probably okay.


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