The simple truth about happiness

You see, so often we find ourselves engulfed by thoughts of our prospective bright future, thinking it will all be better soon enough.

There are numerous aphorisms being said daily by many societies, which constitutes this common belief – everything is going to be alright, things will get better.

Now, after thinking this through, and reaching a few (but far from all) of the things I’ve been yearning for, I realized that simply isn’t the truth.

Here’s a truth – life goes on. This too shall pass. Those are correct aphorisms.
Why? because they constitute a simple truth – life goes on. Good things and bad things won’t hold on forever – quite frankly, they usually don’t make you very happy or sad for long.

Which is sort of good-bad news, or maybe neutral news. Because that means that all the bad things and all the good things that will happen to you in life, won’t mean all that much.

It begs the question – is it all in vain?
Yes, and.. no.

As with many complex questions, this one deserves a complex answer.
We are all going to die, eventually – unless they’ll come up with some eternal life elixir – and we’re all dearly hoping for that to happen.
But until then, death is a fact, not an assumption.
An assumption is what happens “after” – which is a problematic question in itself.
And since we are all going to die, what we’ve done in this world seems to amount to nothing “in the end” – because we can’t take our luxury car with us to heaven, hell, the void of nothingness, etc. Even if we could, it will probably be of no use to our souls, which probably wouldn’t reach the gas pedal.

Now, that sounds a little grim, doesn’t it?
Well, sort of.
You see, if we’re all going to die anyway, then why not make the best out of our lives? live every moment to the fullest, experience, never be complacent.. starts sounding good right?

But then, if every goal we reach soon becomes redundant and irrelevant, why would we put goals in the first place?

To sum it up in 2 words – Gratitude and Journey.
You see, the key to true happiness is being grateful for what you have.
At any given moment you can choose to be happy (although it’s harder to be happy if you’re hungry, thirsty, horny, *name other basic human needs*, it’s possible).
It simply takes the practice of being grateful, and it’s backed by good ol’ science.

Now, combine being grateful with appreciating the journey, and you’ve got yourself the “secret recipe” for happiness. The journey is obviously where you’re gonna spend most of your time, and if reaching the goals is only fun for a short while, enjoying the journey seems like a safe bet.

So, ladies, gentlemen and otherly defined, What i’m implying is:
Enjoy the journey, be grateful, and you will find true happiness.


The thrill of the fight

Well, ladies and gentlemen,
I’ve been waiting for this moment for some time now.
That feeling that lives inside of me, that enables me to write. Maybe it will be quite horrible writing, I’d give you that.

But I feel like it, and if you’d be inspired, I’ll be a happy bastard.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling down for a while, for a myriad reasons, and quite honestly, I felt quite sick of it. It sucks living day to day with that feeling of a lack, of some emptiness inside of you, that screams to be filled by something.

That emptiness is often filled by doing things that we really want to do, things that we’re afraid of. Things that we seem to avoid.

Those things are those “battles” we face, sometimes daily, sometimes sporadically, but we face them nonetheless. And our attitude towards them, often makes the difference between happiness and depression, winning and losing. Feeling empty, and feeling whole.

I’ve been shying away from those battles lately.
Quite honestly, afraid to face them. I felt as if I could simply avoid all those rough things in life, all those decisions, all those shortcomings that I have, and that they will magically disappear. Obviously, I was mistaken.

Things don’t just disappear, if at all, they become more of an issue.
And quite often they blow up in your face at a certain point.

Never avoid those battles, those fear you need to overcome.
Acknowledge your shortcomings, acknowledge your fears, and go take them on, with all your strength, with all your scarce will power, you take them on!

The thing that will make the difference is your attitude.
No more petty thinking, no more being sorry for yourself, no more self loathing.
It’s time to enjoy the thrill of the fight. Let it energize you, let it fill you with new motivation to take on new challenges and beat the hell out of them.

You can do it, and so can I.
Let’s get to work.