The road ahead

So, it’s pretty late at night, and what better time is there to indulge in some free-style writing!

It’s been an interesting week, mainly filled with learning and quite a bit of reading. I’ve read some of the 4 hour work week, by Tim Ferriss, and well, it does contain a lot of things which I find doubtful, however, it had some pretty good advice about managing time and productivity.

You see, as a personal development advocate, I find myself trying to be as productive as possible, at all times. Which naturally makes me indulge in seemingly important things I have to do, mainly scanning my to-do list over and over, and maybe even completing a few meaningless things. However, it so seems, that the 80-20 law works here as well.
Meaning that all that fluff activities amount to little or nothing, while concentrating on one big thing – studying math for example, could lead to so much more improvement and concrete change!

So, if you find yourself trying to be productive, focus on 1-2 things that you KNOW will give you progress. Don’t delay those things, don’t indulge in meaningless to-do’s to make yourself feel productive, BE productive, and do all those things you keep delaying.

There you have it, some pretty decent productivity advice.


Going back to writing

What can I say, it’s been a long time since I wrote here, a lot has happened in my life, but it seems writing has become a priority once more.

However, this time I’m gonna write it free style.

Since almost no one is reading this, I might as well right?

So I might sometimes write quite free style, and other times rather elaborately, contemplating the nature of things.

So.. let’s get on shall we?

It’s been quite a baffling time in my life, going through the trip to the US, coming back, getting my personal training certificate – gym wise, not mental coaching. Embarking on an academic path – starting a degree in Computer science, brain science and psychology, feeling it’s way too tough, moving on to psychology-economy, leaving economy and staying with psychology, only to go back to computer science next year.
With psychology, minus brain science.

That’s all fun (or not), obviously there have been a lot of other things happening in my life – meeting my girlfriend, working at a gym and hating it (not much of a chance to help people, just sitting around doing nothing).

So I came back to good ol’ writing, thinking about personal development once more.
What then, will I find fulfilling? Studying psychology in the meanwhile is quite decent, however it doesn’t seem to satisfy that urge for something more, to feel like I’m “doing something with my life”.

So I came back to writing, assigned myself a project to read 10 books till the next academic year starts – in October, and cook 28 recipes – about 1 recipe per week.
What else?

Time will tell. But I do have to state that if there’s something I’ve learned so far, is that we, as humans, need something to do. We need to be busy. Preferably of course not busy doing things we absolutely hate, but rather things that are at least somewhat meaningful. Idleness is shit, unless you’re one of those people who can tolerate or even enjoy it, if so I applaud you, you won life.

However, since I’m not one of these people, let me assure you, I will find something interesting and fulfilling to do, and I might just keep you (the blank abyss of the internet) updated.