The road ahead

So, it’s pretty late at night, and what better time is there to indulge in some free-style writing!

It’s been an interesting week, mainly filled with learning and quite a bit of reading. I’ve read some of the 4 hour work week, by Tim Ferriss, and well, it does contain a lot of things which I find doubtful, however, it had some pretty good advice about managing time and productivity.

You see, as a personal development advocate, I find myself trying to be as productive as possible, at all times. Which naturally makes me indulge in seemingly important things I have to do, mainly scanning my to-do list over and over, and maybe even completing a few meaningless things. However, it so seems, that the 80-20 law works here as well.
Meaning that all that fluff activities amount to little or nothing, while concentrating on one big thing – studying math for example, could lead to so much more improvement and concrete change!

So, if you find yourself trying to be productive, focus on 1-2 things that you KNOW will give you progress. Don’t delay those things, don’t indulge in meaningless to-do’s to make yourself feel productive, BE productive, and do all those things you keep delaying.

There you have it, some pretty decent productivity advice.


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