Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine, revolving a variety of subjects, as always, however, this time we brought up the subject of destiny.

Not in the metaphysical sense, but rather plain and simple – our choices in life and their outcomes.

For example, I applied to med school last year, I failed the exam – maybe on purpose, realized med school is not for me and went on with my life.
Had I passed those exams, I probably would have gone through with being a doctor, moving into an old-new city far from my friends at home, and embarking on a journey, so different from the one I’m living right now.

For that matter, I did fail those exams, I decided to study Computer science, psychology and brain science – It’s not that bad, but it was pretty bad.
Ending up feeling totally shocked with how difficult it all was – definitely wasn’t ready at the time. Changing my major from CS to economics – keeping psychology, and then deciding to change again, after finishing the semester, to go back to CS (and keep psychology as my second major).

It feels like crap having “missed” a year. Also, thinking back, I’ve “wasted” a whole lot of time going into a personal fitness course, working as a waiter, going on a post-army trip, which wasn’t what I expected at all. Instead of going on a trip with my friends (vs alone), working in a lucrative job, starting CS and psychology (without brain science) and sticking with it, and so on.

There are so many crossroads in life. Some of them are very apparent – “This job interview is super important”, some of them are less apparent – sending that text to your future girlfriend or wife, although having sent dozens of texts over the years with no reply and thus, no consequences whatsoever.

So, what do we do? How do we know what to choose?
Truth is, we don’t.
It’s rather intriguing to ponder all those lovely thoughts, however, as many thoughts do, they lead to nowhere. No one can ever know what path leads where, if he chose the “right” path, or is there a right path at all.

We can only do our best to learn from our mistakes, and live our life to the fullest, trying to miss as few golden opportunities as we can.

But then again, we never know which ones are golden.
So, we just have to do our very best, and that’ll probably do 🙂