Being mindful when it counts

Exam period has started. Everyone is stressed, trying to get as much material possible into their tired mind.

Where does mindfulness come into this wonderful period of time?
Well, exactly when you need it.

You open your practice exams/books/whatever it may be, and you start to get stressed, the clock seems to tick incessantly, telling you you’re running out of time. So what is the logical thing to do? Try and learn faster, try to do things faster, which results in more and more stress, and counter intuitively in less work done.

There comes mindfulness to the rescue.
Although it might seem counter intuitive, pause for a brief moment. Take a deep breath and return to your work. This time, trying NOT to rush it.
It might seem weird, but time will actually seem to be slowing down, and after a while, you will notice that you got a lot of things done, in quite a short amount of time, with no stress at all.

So, it’s weird.. but it works.
It’s tough to stop even for a moment, but try this:
Stop. Take a deep breath, and focus about doing things in a relaxed focused manner – no rushing!

Have a great week!