Making the most out of free time

Lately, I had quite a lot of free time.
As you all may know, free time leads to a lot of thoughts and meditations, on the meaning of life, what to eat for breakfast, and for some of us – thoughts about whether we’re spending our free time wisely.

When your at school or any other scheduled activity, it’s quite clear, you go there, you do your “job” and your satisfied. You did your thing for the day.
But when you have free time, with no schedule, you start wondering.

On the one hand, you really do appreciate some free time to do absolutely nothing. But that quickly gets old, after a day or two you find yourself craving a sense of productivity.

So what do you do?
In my opinion, times of low stress should be used with maximum efficiency.
Yes, get your 1-2 days of total rest.
But then, it’s time to hit things hard, it’s time to pursue all those things you put off because they would have overloaded your life and stressed the hell out of you.

It could be working on your PR’s in your main lifts – if you lift (I strongly advise you give it a try)
It could be working on your long lost project (programming, your novel, finally bringing breakfast in bad to your loved ones, it could be anything).

Write those things down. You’re probably familiar with the phrase – If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will get you there. You need to know where you’re going – And that means scheduling not only busy-work but also fun activities. Going on a road-trip, going on that diving course, anything you could think of.

It might sound counterintuitive to schedule your “fun” activities, but it would be worthwhile.

Think about the last time you had “vacation” from your everyday life and did nothing – just stayed at home. If it lasted more than a few days, you’re probably felt it was a huge waste of time.

Make that time count! You could do so much with it, create so many memories
and effectively strech time! All it takes is some planning.

So next time you find yourself with a long stretch of free time, prepare in advance – what are you going to do with it? Plan, schedule – not only the “Serious” projects, but also the fun activities you always wanted to do but kept postponing.

And if you really want to make it count, throw in some volunteer work.
Helping others doesn’t only perpetuate goodness in the world, but also makes you feel pretty good, so it’s definitely worth it!

Good luck, and remember, make time matter!