The psychology of making things happen

Ever thought about why you simply can’t make something happen?

You’re on a diet, you’ve promised yourself you’re not gonna eat that ice cream that’s been waiting in your freezer. But here comes a rather stressful day, and all your resolution go out the window.

Why does that happen?

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Making A Difference

One could argue that an individual’s highest aspiration would be to make a difference, to matter. To know that he/she has lived, and made this world a better place. That they weren’t just another tiny spark in the grand scheme of things.

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Congruence – Being your best self

“Be true to yourself” – How many times did we hear that quote being played around by people? Some say it has become a terrible cliche’.

What does being myself mean?
Humanity’s search for meaning can only be trumped by humanity’s search for it’s true identity. Each and every individual seeks to find him/herself, find their “true” nature, and be true to that “truth”.

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Fake it till you make it!

Being fake.

You consider it to be quite a bad quality, right?
I mean, fake people possess one of the worst qualities one can ever have. Not being truthful, not being honest.. simply being “FAKE”.

But what if I told you being fake could actually be a good thing?
Not only a good thing, but a GREAT thing – The thing that will change your life for the better, once you understand and implement it into your life.

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